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Updated: Mar 27

There are hundreds of thousands on ASMR videos on YouTube but before we get into the top 5 channels, let’s look into AMSR a little closer. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a relaxing tingling sensation triggered by visuals and or audio. This tingling feeling usually starts in the head and can spread down the back and down the limbs and creates a happy relaxation.

Triggers of tingles relating to ASMR can vary from person to person, however usually slow repetitive activities including hair brushing, tapping and whispering. The term ASMR was coined by Jennifer Allen in 2010 as she set up a social media page in order to find people like her who felt the same reaction of body tingles and relaxation..

ASMR works when you listen to videos via headphones, which the sounds and or visuals in the video make your head tingle and send you into a deep relaxation. These types of videos that produce the ASMR reaction are known to benefit individuals with stress levels, sleeping issues, pain and anxiety. There are usually two categories that AMSR falls into and they are personal attention triggers and task-based triggers. Personal attention triggers can include role play such as going to the barbers or whispering into a microphone. Task-base triggers include cutting paper, tapping and kinetic sand.

Unfortunately not everyone can experience ASMR, however the only way to find out is to get your headphones on and get listening to an ASMRtist on YouTube. Here are the top five ASMR YouTube channels, AMSR videos last anywhere between 15 minutes to four hours, so the listener can fall asleep fully relaxed.

Fifth is Moonlight cottage ASMR this channel focuses on medieval role play including hair brushing, returning from a late night ball and the apothecary.

AMSR bakery is in fourth spot with Her videos include tapping, scratching and fire crackling.

Gibi ASMR has over 3 million followers but falls into third spot in our top five here her AMSR videos consist of whispering, mouth sounds, tapping and scratching.

At number two we have 1.08 million subscribers for Fred’s voice and AMSR has amazingly creative role play AMSR video here His videos include Lego build, fast triggers for sleep, ministry of magic bag check and even rude English barber.

With 1.9 million subscribers AMSR zeitgeist is one of the most popular AMSRtists on YouTube. This channel has it all 3D sounds, slime, tapping and personal attention.

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